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Autoclave Aptica Plus usata, revisionata con garanzia 12 mesi

OCCASIONE 850€+IVA (trasporto escluso)

External dimensions L. 443 x P. 545 x A. 254 mm

Chamber dimensions Ø 156 x P. 251 mm

Chamber capacity 4,5 lt

Net weight 27 kg

Max power consumption 1.400 W

Average power consumption 600 W

Supply voltage 230 V - 50 Hz

Air expulsion Vacuum pump

Water recervoirs N. 2 recevoirs 3,5 lt each

Automatic programs 7

Drying cycle n

Bowie & Dick test n

Helix test n

Vacuum test n

Automatic switch off - Night cycle n

Process Evaluation Control n

Adaptive Heat n

PC connection for USB Log and PC n

Printed integrated/external optional n

Volumetric doser n

Water quality control n

Bacterial filter - high filtration n

Self diagnosis and trouble shooting n

Cycle counter n

Average sterilization time* 12 - 20 min

Programs Parameters Indication

1 STERILIZATION 1 134 °C - 5 min

For every load that could be

submitted to 134 °C (Helix Test)

2 STERILIZATION 2 121 °C - 20 min

For every load that could be

submitted to 121 °C (Helix Test)

3 FLASH 134 °C - 4 min

Rapid cycle for unwrapped surgical


4 S1 Prion 134 °C - 18 min For Creutzfeld Jacob desease B

S2 Heavy load 134 °C - 5 min For special loads B

S3 Heavy load 121 °C - 20 min For special loads B

S4 BSE Selected by the operator Depends by the selected parameters

Bowie & Dick 134 °C - 3,5 min

Vacuum Test 20 min

* The cycle time can change depending on load’s type and quantity, the pre-heating, the power voltage and the use and

manteinance conditions.

€ 850.00
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